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The above words of Jiddu Krisnamurti have been the guiding force of my life. The journey of Anand Prep/Public School Started from the pious day of 02 Oct., 2010 on the birthday of the 'Father of Nation' Mahatma Gandhi. I had not imagined that the seed I had sown, one day, would grow into a large tree. Today, Anand Prep/Public School is affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi for up to Stds. Xth and is considered among the best institutions of Muzaffarpur. Not only the knowledge of books, we also impart our cultural tradition and moral values among students so that our young generation is not only be ready to face the challenges of the world but prove to be a like son/daughter of their parents, a proud student of their teachers and school but a true citizen of India and above all a true human being. 'Let us join your hand in the pious mission to make India once again the leader of all spheres of life in the world.'

-- Randhir Kumar